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What We Provide

Throughout many years of experience, the agents at Quantum Property Management Group have become true experts on the local real estate market. We’re dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help you achieve your property goals. Learn more below.

Showing an Apartment

Regular Property Management

  • Collection of rents

  • Disbursement of rent to owners (or banking of same) on the 23rd of the month.

  • Investigate tenant complaints and service requests.


  • Obtain estimates for required service.


  • Order services needed and inspect work upon completion.


  • Perform periodic inspections of interior and exterior of property.


  • Inspection of premises upon departure of tenant.


  • Give proper notice to tenants regarding lease renewal and rent increases.


  • Clean and prepare all apartments for new tenants including painting, general cleaning and maintenance of which the cost to be borne by owner

  • Inspect & secure vacant properties (due to foreclosure/seizure).


  • Cleaning and maintaining of all common areas three times monthly with the cost borne by owner.


  • Showing apartments to prospective tenants


  • Evictions or other legal processes associated to evictions or prosecutions provided for in the Tenant Protection Act of Ontario, tribunal costs to be borne by owner


  • To provide all materials and complete work required for the general cleaning and maintenance of the property.  This includes Lawn cutting and debris removal.  This also includes snow removal of driveway, parking area in the back and all walkways. Cost to be borne by owner


  • Deal with issues related to actions specified in the Landlord Tenant Board of Ontario.

  • Workout and communicate with tenants on all items listed in this contract.                                                                                                                                 


  • Inspect Premises.

  • Advertise properties for rent, cost is borne to owner

  • Show properties to prospective tenants.

  • Obtain prospective tenant information and application.

  • Verify all information on application.

  • Obtain any required Credit Bureau reports on prospective tenants. Cost of which is borne to the owner.

  • Obtain references from current and previous landlords.

  • Negotiate lease with tenant.

  • Obtain tenant's acceptance of agreement and collect funds.

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